This biker chic, Viking warrior is a true pain hero. This costume only partly represents the truth of living with Osteoarthritis but takes inspiration from the strength of mind and body of an anonymous colleague of the designer’s. Having suffered from Osteoarthritis from a young age, this amazing woman now lifts weights like a boss! Keeping the body as healthy and strong as possible is the best way protect against further deterioration and pain in many chronic conditions.

This costume features leather weight lifting gloves which in turn inspired a general biker-chic theme. Osteoarthritis often affects the joints in the wrist and hands, making it difficult to grip properly. Sharp, oversized gold biker studs hint at this and are continued throughout the tightly constricted joints elsewhere in the body. Stiff leather roses with studded thorns is a “Something Chronic” take on the cliched rose and thorn / barbed wire pain aesthetic. Gold injections are often used to treat the joint pain and swelling associated with arthritis, gold is injected yet again at the joints and painful areas in the form of studs and pricks.

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