Professional Musician Alex Hammond was our very first commission for Something Chronic. We were positive that a drum solo could express the unremitting experience of Chronic pain and that Alex was the best person for the job. We spoke at length with Alex about what it was like to live with constant pain and we quickly realised that the drums would be very eloquent at expressing how chronic pain sufferers feel trapped by their pain.

We use words such as trapped, lost time, guilt, etc not only to reveal different facets of the Chronic Pain experience but to focus the artistic process and help our artists when working with this broad subject. The artistic process of recording this track with Alex and Studio 7 was very creative and exciting. We hope Alex will be recording many more pieces with us!

this is what Alex wrote to describe his piece in detail…

0-15 seconds. Jazz introduction. To resemble a person going about their daily life with everything being fine and happy.

16-39 seconds. This section is meant to resemble confusion; frustration and the descent into a life that perhaps they don’t fully understand.

40 – 1minute. A metal beat represents pain and suffering, it is loud and unforgiving.

1 minute – end. The pounding bass drum resembles the relentlessness of chronic pain. This fades out slowly, trapping the sufferer in an endless cycle.

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