When pain persists, you may find yourself becoming more isolated. Pain may prevent you from working, socialising and pursuing interests in the way you would like. Sometimes, the people you are closest to may not fully understand what you are going though.

“I found that the gulf between my own self and my friends and family widened, the longer I experienced pain.” Something Chronic workshop participant. (anonymous)

A shared sense of community is vital for our most basic human needs. We hope that by engaging in our artistic programmes, we can offer a real opportunity to reconnect with our true selves, where pain doesn’t define you.

We believe in the power of a shared experience. Studies have proved that shared experiences, even with new acquaintances, enrich lives and provide positive physical and emotional benefit. We truly believe that the Arts should be accessible to everyone. Being creative is a basic human need.

Although World events are preventing class and group activities at this time we are busy planning our next season of upcoming events and fundraisers. Please keep an eye on our news section for updates.

We are also restructuring internally. If you would like to volunteer with us in the future or submit artwork please get in touch.

  • How does your donation, and our work actually help the struggle with chronic pain? Art has always been a powerful vehicle for social change. Our work gives people opportunity for creative self-expression, something that is often silenced by pain. We enable people with pain to feel part of a compassionate and welcoming community bonded by positive artistic creation rather than introspective preoccupation with symptoms. We do not offer medical or psychological advice, nor do we claim to improve the symptoms of chronic pain through our work. We do not lobby parliament or the NHS. Through Art however, we hope to light a small spark that will one day light a flame that will in turn ignite a fire under the medical and social bias towards this condition.
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  • Our workshops /events allow a creative space for unspoken understanding. There is no need to discuss pain or personal details with the group. We offer a safe space for you to reconnect with your creativity and body in an environment where chronic pain is understood and is in no way a limiting factor. Get involved in our sessions or simply soak up the atmosphere; no pressure, no judgement, just experience.
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