Pimms Party

Past Event
04 Jun 2017
Christ Church College, Oxford

As an Oxford-based Charity, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce ourselves to the vast student and academic population of the City. There is excellent work going on in Oxford both in the research of pain and artistically, so we look forward to developing this relationship.

Thank you to Josephine Bailey for organising a Pimms party at Christ Church College Oxford and for promoting our message so diligently.

Here is a short article by Josephine which was also published in the Christ Church termly paper.

“On the 4th June, Christ Church College held their annual Trinity Term Garden Party, which attracted around 250 students from within the college. Gargantuan amounts of food and soft drinks were provided, along with entertainment from the fantastic jazz-acapella group ‘The Oxford Gargoyles’, who skatted and sang their way into the hearts of the audience, meeting the final number with rapturous applause. However, there was a new focus in this year’s Garden Party: providing exposure, and raising money for, the new Oxford Based Charity ‘Something Chronic’. The Charity or ‘RAG’ representatives, Josephine Bailey and James Golding, put up a stand where they sold Pimms for £2 a cup, and provided information about the charity, and were able to answer any and all questions that were thrown at them. To the right of the stand, there was a beautifully hand-stitched mannequin which was intended to serve as a visual representation of Chronic Pain, something that encouraged a lot of conversation and discussion over not only the piece itself, but also what exactly Chronic Pain is, and how it can affect people without others fully realising or grasping what it is like. In total, £266 pounds was raised for the charity through selling the Pimms, with everyone having a fantastic time playing croquet, listening to the live music, or even feeding the college’s (rather speedy) tortoise, ‘Sampras’. The party was a great success, with not only a large amount of money being raised, but an invaluable conversations occurring discussing the charity, and the impact that they could hope to achieve.”