Banish The Blues

Past Event
27 Jan 2017
Hanborough Pavillion, Long Hanborough, Oxfordshire

In the spirit of social inclusion, we hoped to banish the winter blues of Janurary 2017 with a fun quiz and super raffle. The quiz was a great opportunity to introduce ourselves to local Artists and business. The local community was beyond generous in contributing prizes for our raffle. Prizes ranged from beautiful artworks, fish and chip dinners to a day out at a crocodile sanctuary! Now that’s unique!

We were astounded by the turnout of 14 teams of 6. Best team name went to “the Crotchety crumpets” who received a bottle of wine donated by the George and Dragon pub in Long Hanborough and the winning team was the “Bladon Obvious” which came as no surprise!

Despite the evening being great fun, we did try to increase awareness of chronic pain. The costume “Solo Tango” was on display showing the invisible reality of neuropathic neck pain. Attendees were encouraged to leave comments in response to how the physical portrayal of invisible pain made them feel. We were humbled by the beauty and sentiment of the comments.

Here are some of the quotes, you can see the Solo Tango costume in our “you wear it Well” section of the website.

“Red hot – pain and beauty”

“A fantastic verbal and picturesque story of your pain. Beautiful”

“Disturbing. Eye-catching. Riveting.”

“Terrible to visualise all that pain, but strangely beautiful. Is this sick?”

“Volcanic heat. Chrysalis wings trying to break free. Straining threads. Tight, enveloping, delicate, restraining.”

“Pain of dress, shifting inflammation, seething elegance.”

“A stark representation of something that cannot be expressed in words and oh utter sadness for my loved ones who suffer – such helplessness.”

“I feel so uncomfortable looking at this. It expresses pain very vividly. Wonderful design.”

“Searing pain”